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Ulf Tangen, previous Group Managing Director Entra Data AB

"We needed a person that could turn around this business and make it profitable. My opinion was that Aass was a person that could make it. He has excellent education scores and job references and has several times in his career showed that he is capable of building businesses with extreme growth and turn loss to considerable profit. He proved that once more for Entra Data." 

Jan Einar Vaage, Managing director Norsk Helsetelefon 24 AS:

"Aass has got a wide contact network and a certain ability to establish new contacts and get contacts on high levels. This is, among other things, due to being very good at both written and spoken presentations. In addition he is well liked socially and cooperative person. This has given us new business and important possibilities for the future".

Atle Sundelin, previous group leader Hartmark Iras managing consultants (now PA International)

"Aass has had long lasting projects for several of our biggest clients. He is very focused at reaching his targets and his clients have been very pleased with the job he has done. We are safe to recommend him to leading positions".    

Grete Hummelvoll, previous planning leader Telenor:

"Esacon has been engaged making business plans for different telecom services. The consultant has done the job to my full satisfaction. He is capable of covering a wide area of tasks from topmost to complex and detailed".  

Arne Tofte, previous leader of office Telenor  
"The consultant has done the job he has been engaged in, that partly has been very complex, in an outstanding way. He is creative, accurate, thrust worthy and very efficient. He is easy to work with. These qualifications have made him strongly demanded as a consultant also within other areas of the wide business of Telenor. I can strongly recommend the consultant to potential assignors".  

Kristin Furuseth, leader of section Intrum Justitia  

"Due to a relaxed, but correct and professional behavior Espen Aass soon manages to create a good atmosphere among the participants. Though the participants come from different sections and have different functions and personal background, he manages, in a perfect way to create the ground for efficient and good knowledge spreading. When the participants are to do practical training in communication in front of an audience much is required from the trainer. Espen has shown that he manages this in a natural and professional way, not at least due to a catching humor that soon affects the atmosphere in the group and gets the membersí creative side to flourish. Every one of our participants has given positive evaluation of this course. This course is held 4 times in our business.  We can give Espen Aass our best recommendation holding this kind of course".  

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