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Management for change: strategic planning, target steering, teambuilding


Background Infohuset AS

Infohuset has since the start in 1996 been an investment company. Later on management consulting has been included. Espen Aass has been the main owner and today he controls 100% of the shares. Aass has worked as a consultant both for Infohuset and Esacon.

The consulting in Infohuset AS has focused on management of change such as strategic planning, target steering and team building. The main focus has been the Internet, telecommunications and oil-related business. Aass has been working both as management consultant and as a leader - management for hire.

Infohuset AS and Esacon AS, also owned by Espen Aass, have had a good economic development since their establishment. More than 10 million NOK have been paid out in dividends from these companies since the year 2000.

In March 2008 Infohuset sold all its 33,6%chares in TakeCargo AS to the big wholesalers Ica Norge AS, Coop Norge AS and Joh Systems (Norgesgruppen). These companies control more than 82% of the whole grocery market fore food in Norway and is planning to use the TakeCargo solution as their dedicated solution in communication with all their transporters and vendors concerning fright. All together 17 big transportation buyers, buying yearly transportation for more than 5 billion NOK have bought chares in TakeCargo AS.

Espen Aass planned the start of TakeCargo AS and has been a member of the board since the establishment . Espen Aass has quit the job as part time hired Management Director for the company as a result of the sale ref: http://www.takecargo.no/tc/ny-admin-dir

For more information about the company's leader and major shareholder, see references.

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